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19 September 2014 @ 01:01 pm
If I switched to four ten-hour days and had Friday off (which I can't do as a branch chief), I suspect my Friday apathy would just move to Thursdays. My mornings are productive and then BOOM! Not one lick of interest in doing anything else. I just want to start my weekend.

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Nothing terribly big planned for this weekend. The Star Wars folks are gathering at Fuddrucker's tomorrow. So another round of seeing how strong my resistance is to the smell of burgers and fries. But talking Star Wars is always fun for me. So yay!
12 September 2014 @ 09:52 am
Fridays are getting more and more dead around the office. Between people teleworking, taking time off, or working in the Ebola response, there are maybe twelve people on our floor out of 128. It's quiet. And creepy. And I have no one answering any e-mails so I can move forward on several projects.

Can I go home, now?

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Tomorrow, a few folks will be coming over for a post-DragonCon Hangover Party. It's basically a chance for everyone who didn't see each other during the con to catch up and be geeky. Plus, it will force me to actually pick up my house. What a mess!

I hope everyone has a good weekend.
05 September 2014 @ 10:19 am
In some vain attempt to get focused for actual work today, I'm giving myself permission to write a post here in the hopes that will get me back into work mode. I suspect it will fail spectacularly. I really could use a nap. I'm still recovering from Dragon Con. On the plus side, I have slept very well this past week!
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I must admit to feeling bad that I'm going on about my weight loss when there are several folks struggling with it. And I have several other friends who have had bariatric surgery and are dropping all sorts of weight, but they're not really discussing it. I guess I'm just a blabbermouth. And after so many years of struggling, I'm really hoping this is a permanent thing for me.

Feel free to ignore me, if you need to. I totally understand.
20 August 2014 @ 10:47 am
I hope I didn't ear worm you with that subject line.

Life rolls along on OptiFast. My biggest accomplishment, this week, was surviving the Star Wars club meeting at Fuddrucker's.

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Y'know, I whine on here a lot because it's a good place to vent. Happily, these challenges aren't dominating my day under this program. It's just an interesting part of the journey.
13 August 2014 @ 09:15 am
Our network is being annoying, right now. Makes it hard for me to get anything done. So while the little mice who do the IT support try and get things stabilized, I thought I'd do a little catch up; assuming, of course, that the internet servers stay up.

I am now officially off of the Ebola response. I will probably be rotated back in later on, but since most of my staff are currently assigned there, I need to be here to man the fort.

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Otherwise, I'm trying to get a dress sewn for DragonCon. There's a Star Wars track mixer on Friday night. It is my considered opinion that Simplicity Patterns are far from simplistic. Their instructions are beyond confusing. You can't tell what applies to one version versus another. They don't give you pattern part numbers, just names of the pieces. And they don't actually give you all instructions. I had to figure out part by looking at the illustrations.

Plus, with the weight loss, I'm going to (happily) have to take it in. I need to get the dress made first, though. Oh, Dragon Con, thy name is Procrastination.

Well, I think that's about all the excitement. Keep on keepin' on, folks!
10 August 2014 @ 06:45 pm

I finished reading The End to Dieting. Very interesting book and excellent nutrition information.

One of the things he talks about is how long it takes to move past cravings. He claims it takes two to three weeks.

With the sweet shakes and bars, I haven't been too bad with the sugar cravings. But the fat and salt cravings? Insane! I could happily sit down to a smothered in not good choices burger and fries. Or possibly a large pizza. By myself.

It's not that I'm hungry. It's my brain that wants the dopamine rush I get from those kinds of food. And weekends are normally when I have them. So habits. Actual chemical cravings. I could cry, right now. Seriously.

I've made it through two weeks. I really hope this is the last week of cravings.

Next Saturday is our monthly Star Wars meeting. At Fuddruckers. I'm honestly not sure I can deal with it. So I might skip it, even though it means seeing friends and being geeky. And while it would be a good exercise for me in separating friendship from food, it might be too much for me, right now.

I guess I'll see how brave I'm feeling on Saturday. And everyone knows I'm doing this, so they could keep me honest. But I'd kinda prefer not to cry while I'm there. LOL

This is a good thing I'm doing. And my brain will settle down.

I hope!

04 August 2014 @ 01:03 pm
So it's a promising start on OptiFast. I lost 5.4 pounds in my first week. They were quick to point out that this is only a first week weight loss. I should normally expect anywhere from 1-2 pounds. As long as I'm moving in the right direction, I'll take whatever loss I can get!
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Thus the journey continues. I'm going to try to stay focused. The scale is heading down. My clothes are already fitting better. And this time away from food might just be what my brain needs to try and grow up this crazy toddler. Or at least put it in the corner. Permanently.
30 July 2014 @ 11:18 am
You probably saw over on Facebook that I started my OptiFast adventure on Friday. LJ is much better for writing out longer stories, so I'm posting over here about it.The Very Long, Tedious Intake ProcessCollapse )
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So starts the adventure! When I start transitioning off OptiFast, my exercise will need to go up. That's a challenge for me as I have never found one I really like. So I'm going to enjoy the lazy low-intensity period while I can. :)
07 July 2014 @ 11:37 am
Well, not shame in the sense of me. Shame in the sense of not posting here in AGES.

What's been taking up most of my personal life this summer has been preparing for and receiving a new roommate.
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So life upheaval is always fun. But it's what keeps life interesting, right?
23 May 2014 @ 12:12 pm
As always tends to happen when you have jobs that are basically responding to things, my work life has slowed to a trickle, this week. With the holiday next week, probably more of the same. I'm helping some folks with things here and there, but I don't have terribly much enthusiasm for even that.

I sit and dream about what I could be doing at home as if it's some magical thing that would make me so happy. But when I get home, I rarely get much accomplished. Too much obsessing with Teen Wolf, I guess. :) But now I'm all caught up, so no more excuses.

- Sew Shirt for JadeCon - I bought material to make a Hawaiian shirt for JadeCon. Haven't even cut out the pattern, yet. Need to get that cut and the shirt actually sewn.
- Sew Shirt for DragonCon - Rinse. Repeat. But with Star Wars fabric.
- Come up with something for the auction - I have no clue what I should do. I'm thinking of maybe a slip cover for a throw pillow? Or pillow cases? Those would be quick and homemade stuff is usually snatched up.
- Sew Dress for DragonCon - We're having a Sinatra and Star Wars mixer at DragonCon. (Still working on the name.) So I'd like to make a cocktail dress to go with the theme in, again, Star Wars fabric.
- Actually clean the house - Brody is my first drooler. My previous dogs would drool every now and then. If I go into the kitchen, he's drooling. This results in a rather gross kitchen floor. I hate doing floors, but it's getting to where even I don't like it. And while I've been keeping the house fairly well picked up (don't look in my basement), the actual cleaning part of it hasn't happened like it should have in the past month. The whole house is getting gross.*
- Clean out Guest Room and Office - My friend Tina moves in with me June 20th. She's going to use my guest room and office. And while I'm not emptying the rooms, I need to make room on the shelves for her and move stuff around so she can store things. If we decide it will be permanent (which it most likely won't, as she wants to prove to herself she can live on her own), then I'll sell the furniture and she'll move hers in.
- Goodwill Run - Move any items from the clean out over to Goodwill. Actually move the mountain of stuff that has been sitting in the garage for two months over to Goodwill.

And I'm really hoping to get to TiTimeGaten Sunday. Stare into Paul McGillion's pretty eyes. :)

But I have to do my chores like a good girl.

*Luci always laughs at me when I say this. She claims I'm the only one who finds it gross. I'm too Swiss, I guess. Although, seriously, things need to be cleaned if you look at them.